Same Sex Parents

If you are a same sex couple, many of your feelings, concerns and issues will be no different from any other parent:  you may worry about finances, how this will change your relationship, what kind of parent you will be. 

Co-parents are welcome to attend ante-natal appointments, scans and antenatal classes.  See our birth partners’ page for information on what support you can give your partner during labour and birth. 

You will want to talk about what to call yourselves!  Some couples go for mum and mummy / Pa & daddy, or use first names.  Other couples may pick a name from another language or make up their own version. 

There is a magazine you may be interested in which celebrates lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender families, We Are Family.  for more information, click here.

Paternity leave

If you have worked for the same company for at least 26 weeks, a co-parent has the right to 2 weeks paternity pay after the birth of the baby, whether or not you are in a civil partnership.   You are entitled to statutory paternity pay if you earn over £107 per week and you may find that your organisation offers to top this up. 

There is now the opportunity to take additional paternity leave after the baby is 20 weeks old so that you and your partner can share the leave if you want to.  


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