New Mum

Congratulations on the birth of your baby!  This will be a very exciting time for you but it may take you a little time to adapt to your new life physically as well as emotionally. 

Many people, but not everyone, will have friends or relatives that they can turn to for support or advice on caring for a baby.  Your midwife will visit for the first 2 weeks and can offer you any help or advice with your baby or any changes to your body after birth.  The health visitor will also be available to support you, your baby and family.  Your local Children’s Centre is a good place to look for advice or to meet other new mums.  Many centres offer activities such as baby massage or play sessions.  Your health visitor should also be able to tell you about any play groups in your area where you can get out and meet people.

Information on Physical Changes


Information on Baby blues & post-natal depression




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