Bringing baby home

Bringing baby home for the first time is a fantastic experience but you might also be a little nervous!  Don't worry, it will soon feel like you were never without your baby and support is available - ask your midwife or health visitor if you are not sure where to go. 

To make baby comfortable, keep your baby’s room at an even temperature- about 18C (65F) both day time and at night. It's best not to swaddle your baby in blankets as this may over heat your baby. It is not recommended that your baby wear a hat in doors

Avoid smoking in the room where your baby is, also avoid smoky atmospheres. Support is available if you or your partner want to quit smoking
Put your baby to sleep on his/her back from the beginning, with feet to the foot of the crib or cot. It is not recommended that your baby sleeps in your bed or that you sleep with your baby on the sofa.  See our page on Co-sleeping 
Your midwife will advise you about feeding. If you are breastfeeding then your midwife will be able to give you details about Breastfeeding support (Little Angels). 


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