Breastfeeding welcome scheme


 Wakefield’s Breastfeeding Welcome Scheme 
The Wakefield Breastfeeding Welcome scheme helps to reassure mothers that they will be able to shop and go out to eat as normal with their breastfed baby.
The law clearly protects women who breastfeed in public.
You can breastfeed your baby anywhere that you and your baby are allowed to be, and companies are not allowed to treat you any differently – so, for instance, they cannot ask you to move, or refuse to serve you if you are breastfeeding. 
Shops and businesses, and local authority premises which are signed up to the Breastfeeding Welcome Scheme have committed to ensuring that their staff are aware of the law, and to supporting women in their feeding choices.  Places which are not signed up to the scheme still need to ensure that they comply with the law, so you do not need to limit yourself to breastfeeding in premises which have the pink “Breastfeeding Welcome Here” sticker.  However, it may help you to know that those premises are not only aware of the law, but also are actively welcoming to breastfeeding mums.
If you would like to find out which places are signed up to the scheme, click on the link breastfeeding friendly Wakefield
If you are a company wanting to sign up to the scheme, please click here
Our Facebook group is here: Come and join!


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