Travel and pregnancy

Travelling when pregnant

With the correct advice, information and making sure you take all the necessary precautions e.g. travel insurance and when to travel, many women can travel well in to their pregnancy.
One of the most important things is to find out is where the nearest healthcare facilities are in the area you are staying. It is advisable to take your medical notes with you on holiday. Make sure your travel insurance covers you for every eventuality while you are abroad.
Women sometimes prefer not to travel in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy due to tiredness and nausea they may be experiencing.
Some women worry about the risk of miscarriage which is a higher risk in pregnancy in the first 12 weeks if travelling or not. There is no reason why women should not travel at this time.

Travelling by plane

Travelling by air is not a risk to you or your baby but you can always discuss health issues with your GP or midwife.
The chance of going in to labour increases around 37 weeks of pregnancy (34 weeks for women carrying twins). Some airlines will not let women fly in the later stages of pregnancy. You will need to contact the airline you wish to fly with to confirm their policies.


Holiday vaccinations are not recommended for pregnant women due to the concerns of the virus/bacteria in the vaccine which could harm the baby. It is recommended that you travel to countries that you do not need vaccinating for.

Travelling by car

When travelling in a car make sure you wear your seat belt correctly by;

  • The  cross strap between your breasts

  • The lap belt sits under your bump never across your bump

Road accidents are one of the most common causes of injury to pregnant women
Try to avoid making long car journeys on your own always try to share driving where possible.

Travelling by boat

Ferry companies have their own policies around carrying pregnant women. Usually they will not take women over 32 weeks pregnant but check with the company.



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