Are you worried about your weight during pregnancy?
If you are worried about gaining weight during your pregnancy and have a BMI (Body Mass Index)* of 30 and above, then the Shape Your Pregnancy programme could be for you.
This free weight management programme will support you to gain a healthy pregnancy weight and make sure you get the support you need - every step of the way.
What can I expect from the Shape Your Pregnancy programme?
• A free programme run by trained health professionals
• Groups run across the district
• 1:1 support available
• Help and support to:
- Make safe and healthy food choices for you and your family
- Education and advice about physical activity that is safe for you and your baby
- Make your own personal goals
Is Shape Your Pregnancy right for you?
Are you . . .
• Pregnant?
• Over 16 years old and above?
• Registered with a GP in Wakefield?
• Above a BMI of 30 or over before pregnancy or at booking visit?
• Willing to attend regular sessions?
How do I join?
Call 01977 665717. Our friendly team will ask you a few easy questions and talk through the options available to you.
Speak to your GP, midwife or practice nurse.
They can refer you to the service. When your referral is received we will contact you by letter or phone call.
If you have a BMI under 30 and are concerned about your weight during pregnancy get in touch with the Health Trainers. They will be able to offer you friendly advice and support. Call 01977 665717.
*BMI (Body Mass Index) is a measure of whether you're a healthy weight for your height and is calculated by taking your weight in kilograms and dividing it by your height in metres squared (kg/m2).

For more information click on the link to see our  Shape-your-pregnancy-leaflet.pdf

Shape Your Pregnancy Pamper Party come along and join us and be pampered (for more information click on the link)




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