Pregnancy Conditions

Early pregnancy may bring with it a number of minor ailments, most of which are normal. You could experience one or more of the following:

Morning Sickness

This can happen from around 6-8 weeks pregnant and can happen at any time of the day. It usually goes away by about 12 to 16 weeks but can continue for longer. A drink and a dry biscuit before you get out of bed might help. Ginger is often helpful so you could try ginger biscuits or ginger tea. Small sips of cold fizzy water may also help. Some women find acupressure travel sickness bands help. If you really cannot keep food or drink down, you should consult your GP or Midwife for advice.


Tiredness is very common in the early stages of pregnancy – try not to fight it and take a rest if you can whenever you get the chance. Your employer might want to perform a Risk Assessment (a calculation of how much risk you are at in your workplace) to help you to be comfortable whilst at work.


During pregnancy your emotions and feelings will change frequently. These feelings usually settle once the pregnancy hormones level out, but if you feel this is more severe or lasting too long, seek advice from your Midwife or GP.


Some women feel faint, dizzy and shaky in pregnancy. This may be due to a drop in blood sugar levels or changing hormones. Small, healthy snacks every few hours might help but if it becomes a problem see your Midwife or GP.


You may experience headaches in early pregnancy due to pregnancy hormones, dehydration due to the morning sickness and tiredness. Drinking extra water and resting when possible will help. If it becomes a problem see your Midwife or GP.


The pregnancy hormones help to relax all the joints and ligaments in preparation for the birth, so good posture when walking and sitting is very important. Support from pillows and foot rests may help. In later stages of pregnancy, rest is important. If your backache becomes a problem see your Midwife or GP.


Bleeding in pregnancy at any stage is ABNORMAL and you should seek medical advice straight away. Either your GP, midwife or Early pregnancy assessment unit at the hospital will be able to advise you.


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