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Supported by experienced midwives, passionate about natural birth, for further information speak to your Midwife.

I would like to choose a Home Birth

Home birth is available to all women who are deemed as low risk, between 37 weeks and prior to induction of labour, if you do not meet these criteria-you may still be eligible for home birth following discussion with obstetric consultant or supervisor of midwives.

Supervisor of Midwives

A supervisor of midwives (SoM) can help and support you if you are experiencing any problems with your care, or if you feel the choices you are making around your pregnancy are not being considered. A SoM is an experienced midwife who has had extra training and education to support other Midwives in providing the best quality maternity care. Every Midwife has a named SoM.

The Supervisor can be contacted through the hospital switchboard 24 hours a day. You can also ask your local supervising authority midwifery officer, whose contact details are on the Nursing and Midwifery Council website. Discussing issues with the SoM won't affect your care or influence how you're further supported in your pregnancy, birth and aftercare.


The advantages of giving birth at home include:

• Familiar surroundings where you may feel more relaxed and able to cope
•You will not have to interrupt your labour to go into hospital
•You will not need to leave your other children, if you have any
•Your partner will not have to leave you and go home after birth
•You are more likely to be looked after by a midwife you have got to know during your pregnancy
•You are less likely to have intervention such as forceps or ventouse than women giving birth in hospital
Just because you choose to have your baby at home does not mean that you will not be able to have a water birth Mid Yorkshire Hospital loan Birthing pools out to women free of charge.

Water birth benefits


The relaxing effect of water with its support and warmth can help you through your labour. Your contractions may slow or stop if you become tense. Being relaxed also enables you to   breathe calmly, and can help ease you through your contractions.

Privacy and control


Women experience increased levels of control and this may be heightened if the environment is quiet and lighting dimmed.


Increased mobility as water makes you feel lighter and helps you to move about, ideally a comfortable position with your knees lower than your hips, this aids descent of baby through your pelvis.


Warm water eases pain, gas and air may be used whilst in water:
Peaceful birth for your baby
We believe that the transition to the outside world is less traumatic for babies who are born in water, the warm water within the pool will replicate the warm water within the uterus (womb). Babies born in water are often calm, and cry less than babies born in air.


Women who have water births state that they have a positive experience and water is especially helpful when it comes to the pushing stage.

Wakefield Home Birth group


If you would like to find out more information about having your baby at home come along to the Wakefield Home Birth group details below:

What we discuss at Wakefield Home Birth Group

1. Discussion around labour hormones and how they work and how staying at home can positively influence the birthing process.
2. How environment plays a part in labour, i.e. familiarity of surroundings, comfort, and privacy which all promote relaxation, which in turn may lead to a quicker labour.
3. Discussion regarding the use of water in labour, i.e., relaxation, privacy and control, increased mobility, pain relief and increased satisfaction.
4. How to recognise the onset of labour and when you need to contact midwife
5. What equipment you will require, i.e., towels for mum and baby, a warm dressing gown/blanket for mum following delivery.
6. Pain relief available for labour-Epidurals are not available at home.
7. Discussion regarding reasons to transfer mum/baby to hospital and how transfer will happen, if required.
8. A limited number of Birthing pools are available free of charge from mid Yorkshire hospitals, they are highly sought after and therefore, cannot be guaranteed to all women. Please discuss your requirements with your community midwife.

9. A personal one to one chat with midwife at home birth group is available for women/families attending group.

Come along to Home Birth Preperation, for more information and to book a place, please contact:

Wakefield Community Midwifery office on: 01924 543424 (or) Maria on: 07554 115665 (or) Liz on: 07554 115662






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