Consultant-led Unit

You may choose or be advised to have your baby in one of the Consultant-led Units at Pinderfields or Dewsbury hospitals but this does not mean that you cannot have a Midwife-led experience. All hospital Midwives are experts in normal birth so they are able to offer Midwife-led care in any setting or adapt to suit your needs if problems arise. For example, if you plan to or decide in labour to have an epidural for pain relief, you will need to have your baby in the Consultant-led Unit.

The link below shows videos of what the unit at Pinderfields and Dewsbury hospitals looks like as well as the midwife led unit at Pontefract.  They talk about some of the things you may wish to think about before, druing and after birth -  MY stork walk

Advantages / disadvantages of Consultant led unit


  • You can choose any type of pain relief including an epidural
  • Everything is to hand if there are problems – you won’t have to move
  • You have the advantages of midwife led care and the ability to move over to consultant care if problems arise during labour or birth


  • There is some evidence that you may require more pain relief during labour
  • You may be more likely to have a drip and electronic monitoring but this may also be due to the fact  that there have been complications or problems during your pregnancy or labour
  • You are more likely to be cared for by a midwife you haven’t met before


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