Where to Give Birth

The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust offers a wide range of choice where to have your baby. Most babies in this region are born in hospital, however, Midwives are experts in normal pregnancy and a home birth might be an option for you.

Choosing Where to Have Your Baby

Choosing where to give birth to your baby is an important decision.  You have the right to give birth in the place you want.  You can ask the doctor or midwife to explain the benefits and risks for you and your baby.  If you are not happy with the advice you can get more support from your Supervisor of Midwives

The  most important factor will  be that of safety – for you and your baby but alongside this is your own preference, where you will feel more comfortable, more relaxed and more in control.  Being as relaxed as possible when you are in labour is more likely to help you and help your labour.  It is your choice where you will feel most comfortable.  

There is not enough evidence to show whether it is safer to have your baby in hospital or at home. When there are no serious complication during pregnancy, there is no evidence that hospital births are safer for all women and all babies


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