Folic Acid

Are You Taking Folic Acid?

The Department of Health recommends that you take a supplement of folic acid (400 micrograms or mcg) every day from when you decide to try for a baby, usually until you are about 12 weeks pregnant.

This has been shown to reduce the risk of Neural Tube Defect (NTD) such as Spina Bifida. If you are already pregnant you can still start taking folic acid. If you think you are more than 12 weeks pregnant, please do not worry – the chances of your baby being affected are very slim as there is folic acid in a lot of the food that you eat.

 If a member of your family has previously had an NTD or you suffer with Epilepsy or Diabetes, the dose of folic acid you take may need to be higher than the recommended dose and you should see your Midwife/GP as soon as possible to have the higher dose prescribed.


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