Am I Pregnant?

The first sign that you are pregnant is usually a missed period (if you have regular cycles).  Pregnancy tests that you buy in a pharmacy are very accurate and you often won't need another test.  A positive test is almost always accurate, a negative test is less reliable and you may need to take it again after a week. 

You can get a free pregnancy test from your GP, from the Walk in Centre on King Street in Wakefield or from the Family Planning Centre on Margaret Street in Wakefield. 

If you're not sure that you want to be pregnant, the Family Planning Association has very useful information on, pregnant and don't know what to do

If you're under 25, the Brook charity provide information that's specifically for under 25s.


Find out what pregnancy and early years events are being held.


Share your thoughts, stories and advice on our new community forum.


A comprehsive list of available online resources to help you through your pregnancy.

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Key contact details for local hospitals and support services.