Children's Centres

Every area in Wakefield has a children’s centre.  They provide a variety of advice, activities and support for parents and carers. Their services are available from pregnancy right through to when your child goes into reception class at primary school.

They bring all the different support agencies together to offer a range of services to meet you and your child’s needs, all in one place.  They’re somewhere your child can make friends and learn as they play. Parents can access professional advice on health and family matters, learn about training and job opportunities or just socialise with other parents and carers.

Children’s Centres are developed in line with the needs of the local community so no one children’s centre is the same. However all have a clear purpose, focused on offering young children the best start in life and help them reach their potential.

Services include:
  • advice on your child’s development to support them to be ready for school.
  • support for parents and carers – including parenting support and access to specialist services for the family.
  • child and family health services – including Midwifery and Health Visiting services
To find out where your nearest children’s centre is and what activities they offer, click on this link : Search for Services


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